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To get around the aforementioned problem, maintain the appearance of the car, and keep the car’s value when sold as a second-hand car, our R&D team developed an almost out-of-this-world coating. That’s why we name our company as the mysterious “ZONE 51“

A severe drought occurred in California, and local residents could not wash their cars often. As a result of long term exposure to the wind, the sun, and the abrasive sand and gravel, the sheet metal on a one-year-old new car looked like that of a five-year-old car.

 Zone 51 Revolutionizes Coating Technology

Generally, people spend about 4 hours and 15 gallons of water to wash and wax their cars. However, even high-end wax on the market usually only lasts about two weeks on average. That means waxing a car is very time and resource consuming.

There are many different grades of coating on the market, but the ingredients and the formulation are determined by the selling price and brand. Zone 51’s R&D team used the highest standard raw materials from the United States and Germany, and analyzed the coatings of well-known brands to develop our nano-grade product.


Zone 51’s coating is very clear with high refraction level. This is a professional nano-grade product. Before coating, all dirt, metal powder, tar, or other debris must be cleaned off.


We recommend having a professional car detailing company carefully polish your car before using our product, which can improve the brightness. Even the most beautiful skin needs maintenance. We recommend regular use of Zone 51’s special maintenance solution to keep the coating shiny and bright longer.